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JAT is a family owned company who have been operating in the trading of food and beverage products since 1952.

Text Box: Our experienced team understand the requirements of our customers and choose suppliers who are able to meet those needs.
Text Box: JAT's business revolves around sourcing, importing and distributing industrial and consumer food and drink products.
Text Box: We source a wide range of juices (NFC and concentrates) and purees from processors around the world with whom we have developed strong relationships over many years.
Text Box: Our suppliers are based around the globe which gives us the flexibility to supply Northern and Southern Hemisphere products where the seasons are different and allows us to have a back up source if climatic conditions in one part of the world affect a crop.
Text Box: Our customers are based across Europe and the Far East and we have built up a good knowledge of the different trends and requirements of these markets.  This enables us to offer products most suited to these areas at the preferred terms and currencies of our customers
Text Box: In addition to industrial juice products, we also supply a wide range of frozen vegetarian products to supermarket chains and grocery stores across the UK and Ireland, as well as a range of canned fruit and vegetable products and juice concentrates in 1 litre cartons which we supply to the institutional and catering trades.

Text Box: Our product range is extensive and ever changing as new companies come on board and we develop new contacts around the world, so we welcome any new enquiries... just click on the contact us link!

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